YNY Yongyu agent joining policy

Join advantage
1. Yongyu Filtration Systems Co., Ltd. currently has more than 200 patented products, and is one of the most powerful automotive filter system companies in the automotive parts business; Advantage

2. As long as the first purchase amount reaches 50,000 yuan, you can apply to become our agent; you can enjoy the subsidy for store decoration costs. Advantages

3. Become our agent and enjoy the advantages of the annual sales rebate policy.

4. The joining agents can enjoy the multi-faceted support of the company’s professional team, free technical training, promotional product support, regional protection, unified logistics distribution and advertising support; Our marketing team is your backing, allowing you to grow quickly.

Join conditions
1. Must have independent legal personality or self-employed industrial and commercial households. 2. The franchisee must have certain economic strength to ensure normal operation and settlement of payment on time. Third, Jiaming merchants must have strong marketing and promotion capabilities, management capabilities, moral character and keeping their promises. Fourth, the franchisee must have a certain marketing team and sales outlets. 5. According to the information provided by the franchisee, the company will send investment personnel to conduct on-the-spot assessment.

Become an agent
After passing the audit, all franchisees must use the franchise design scheme (including shop signs, interior decoration design, product display cabinets, trademarks, employee uniforms, etc.).

Five major policy support
1. Terminal protection

2. Rebate policy

3. Refuse to cross mirror

4. Car rewards

5. Distribution function

Joining Yongyu zhejiang is your wise choice!
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